Maximize civic participation outcomes

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Democratic experiment in the city of The Hague

First city in The Netherlands to execute this experiment

Voting on themes, instead of on politicians

The world is changing

Decision-making without end-user involvement is (fortunately) a thing of the past. But too often citizen’s participation is the final stage of a project. Or it is unclear what is already fixed, and what is not. That should be different, don’t you think?

What do we do?

Democracy Agency helps organizations to get started with civic participation in a practical way.

  • We help design your participation process
  • Your organisation is transformed for optimal participation
  • We execute experiments in democracy
  • You find the right participation experts with our help

Thank you for your interest in Democracy Agency

May we first introduce ourselves to you?
We are Democracy Agency, an Ltd.-company specialized in democratization and civic engagement. We are based in Amsterdam, literally between thousands upon thousands of bicycles. At Democracy Agency we like to do things a little differently. How it should be done – if you ask us. Residents and all other parties involved determine the policy together. With smart online participation processes, we find out what really needs to be done. This creates a source of inspiration for many  local governments and communities. We’ve carried out many civic engagement and participation processes.

Why choose a company based in Amsterdam?
Civic engagement and participation is more prominent in The Netherlands, compared to other countries. For our civic engagement processes we work with open-source software that is developed by the Dutch government and is universally applicable. Our team consists of the best civic engagement specialists, developers and consultants. We have a lot of experience with participation projects, for several local governments (for example the city of Amsterdam and The Hague).

Very happy to be of service to you
We are very excited about the goals you have set for civic participation. It would be our honor and privilege to participate and contribute.

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Design the process

We shape your optimal participation process. First we determine frameworks and goals, then comes the plan.

Organizational management

Participation requires its own organizational management. We analyze and implement points for improvement.

Participation experts

You need unique qualities for an optimal participation process. We help you find the right experts.

Everyone participates

We are moving towards a renewed democratic system. That is why (civic) participation exists.